ChitoCare Beauty 30-Day Anti-Aging Repair Treatment

€177,50 €206

ChitoCare beauty 30-Day Anti-Aging Repair Treatment combines clinically proven bioactive skin care from the outside with important nutrients from the inside. The treatment contributes to hydration, powerful skin repair and youthful appearance.

A clinical study demonstrated the efficacy of the ChitoCare beauty Anti-Aging Repair Serum and Face Cream used twice daily for 6 weeks as evaluated by the following skin parameters:

• Skin hydration improved by 16%
• Skin firmness increased by 22%
• Skin elasticity increased by 7%
• Skin roughness decreased by 19%

Perfect for all skin types including sensitive and eczema-proned skin

Contains Face Cream 50 ml , Anti-Aging Repair Serum 30 ml, Hair Skin & Nails (90 capsules) and four Serum Masks.

For optimal results, start the daily treatment by using the clinically proven Anti-Aging Repair Serum and Face Cream in the morning and evening along with the recommended dose of Hair Skin & Nails. Use the moisture boosting Serum Mask weekly for the duration of the treatment.

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