Gift Box - Body Lotion 150ml & Shower Gel 50ml


This elegant Christmas gift box contains ChitoCare beauty Body Lotion and ChitoCare beauty Shower Gel.

All products contain Icelandic ChitoCare® marine chitosan: a natural, bioactive, film-forming biopolymer, rich in antioxidants that protect the skin and help maintain moisture. It reduces redness and irritation, maintains moisture and leaves your skin feeling silky soft.

Scientifically proven properties of chitosan include healing and antibacterial effects, providing powerful skin repair. The effect is firmer, smoother and more radiant skin.

ChitoCare beauty Body Lotion 150ml 

This luxury Body Lotion, enriched with natural, deeply moisturizing and potent marine ingredients, hydrates your skin and leaves it smooth, firm and radiant. With protective antioxidants, this Body Lotion will unveil the natural beauty of your skin.

ChitoCare beauty Shower Gel 50ml

A bioactive Shower Gel that leaves your skin feeling refreshed, clean and invigorated. With protective antioxidants and a complex of active ingredients from Icelandic geothermal and marine waters, this Shower Gel will deliver nutrients to your skin, helping to maintain you skin’s natural moisture level.

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