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Article: Support Skin Healing with Our Healing Spray

Support Skin Healing with Our Healing Spray

Support Skin Healing with Our Healing Spray

ChitoCare medical devices are designed for the protection and healing of skin and wounds. Their main active ingredient is chitosan, a biocompatible polymer with a host of beneficial properties for skin and wound healing.

How does chitosan work for skin healing?

Chitosan is a functional polysaccharide providing support to skin tissue. Under mild acidic conditions, it becomes positively charged, rendering it bio-adhesive. This allows it to adhere to intact or breached skin as a protective film, conferring many important biological properties.

Chitosan is a true wonder of the sea, as it provides a suitable microenvironment for healing. It protects the skin from infection, reduces redness, itching and irritation, has a soothing, cooling effect, maintains moisture, and promotes the skin's natural repair process.

Chitosan skin healing benefits

ChitoCare medical Healing Spray effectively reduces acute or chronic wounds and burns, and supports their healing. It can be used on open wounds or irritated and damaged skin, and helps reduce bleeding and pain. It is ideal for cuts and wounds, burns, sunburn, acne and pimples, eczema, cold sores, blisters, bug bites, diabetic ulcers, and skin rashes, including nappy rash. 

Chitosan is the main active ingredient used in ChitoCare medical devices. Chitosan has multiple beneficial actions during wound healing, including:

  • forming a film to protect skin
  • promoting natural skin healing
  • protecting against infections
  • reducing redness, itching and pain
  • ideal for irritated or damaged skin

Support skin healing with chitosan

ChitoCare medical Healing Spray can be used by the whole family, including children and the elderly. It can be used as a protective film during or after sports to soothe rashes or chaffing. It can also be applied to insect bites, during the healing process of tattoos, or after shaving to soothe razor burn.

ChitoCare medical Healing Spray is a safe, biocompatible product. No side-effects are known, unless allergy to an ingredient causes skin irritation or other reactions. Always do a patch test and apply to a small skin area first, to test product suitability.

ChitoCare medical Healing Spray comes can be applied to any skin defects or wound surface, thanks to its spray format. It can be stored at room temperature, however storing it in the fridge provides an added cooling effect.

ChitoCare medical Healing Spray key features

• Ideal for irritated and damaged skin
• Protects skin
• Heals minor wounds and burns
• Reduces redness, itching and pain
• Relieves minor burns and sunburn
• Promotes natural skin healing


ChitoCare® medical Healing Spray (REF. 84500) is a CE medical device in accordance with the European Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical Devices.

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