Bug Bites? ChitoCare Medical to the Rescue!

Like every summer, bugs have started to make their appearance. And ChitoCare medical is the ideal solution to have on-hand when travelling around the country and exploring the great outdoors—in your wallet, car, backpack or suitcase.

ChitoCare medical Healing Spray has proven to be extremely effective in treating bites from lice, midges and other insects that hide out in Iceland's nature.

 It soothes the symptoms associated with conditions such as itching, soreness and redness and promotes the skin's natural repair process. It works effectively on minor wounds, minor burns, sunburns, pimples, acne symptoms, skin rashes, dry or cracked skin, bug bites and skin inflammation. The chitosan film does not need to be removed as it will slowly be degraded during natural skin renewal.

Simply spray a small amount onto the infected area and allow to dry to achieve maximum effectiveness. It can also be gently spread across the affected area for a more soothing result. It can be used as essential first aid and may be used on intact or breached skin and is suitable for use by the whole family, including children and the elderly.

Always follow the instructions for use found inside the packaging and enjoy the summer, the sun and the nature of Iceland!

ChitoCare medical is a natural Icelandic product that accelerates the healing of wounds and other skin disorders in a natural way. ChitoCare medical Healing Spray is available here.