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ChitoCare beauty

Natural Beauty of Iceland 

Our goal 

Healthy and Naturally Beautiful Skin 

ChitoCare beauty was born out of a respect for the ocean. Heeding the call for a more sustainable and circular industry and following years of research, we harnessed the natural biopolymer chitosan. Abundantly found in the Arctic waters and backed by science, we are proud to reveal the benefits chitosan has on the skin, to help you feel the natural beauty of Iceland. 

ChitoCare beauty and ChitoCare medical are produced by Primex ehf. in Siglufjörður. 

Embrace Nature's Gift for Radiant and Healthy Skin

Respect for nature is the founding principle of ChitoCare beauty and we are thankful for chitosan, a true wonder of the sea, and its ability to naturally help you unleash smooth, firm and youthful-looking skin. 


Sigga Vigfúsdóttir 
CEO and founder of ChitoCare beauty 

Award-winning skincare line 

The award-winning ChitoCare beauty skincare line is powered by a rare, bioactive polymer called chitosan, sourced from the pristine waters surrounding Iceland. 

This marvel of the ocean promotes the skin’s natural repair process and offers essential antioxidant protection for healthier, more youthful skin.  


Healing properties 

Chitosan is a natural ingredient with healing and film-forming properties that help protect the skin, reduce inflammation and provide powerful hydration and moisture control. Thanks to these unique characteristics, we have developed topical medical devices that support all phases of wound healing.

We are grateful for the warm reception! 

ChitoCare beauty’s success is thanks to the warm customer reception to our products from like-minded folks who appreciate quality, sustainability and efficacy in skincare.  

Our products are crafted for all ages, genders and skin types, including sensitive skin or skin prone to conditions. They are also an ideal gift for someone you really care about.