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Hand Cream

Sale price€28,00

ChitoCare beauty Hand Cream is an intensive moisturizing cream that helps soften your skin without feeling greasy. It contains bioactive marine chitosan, a natural wonder of the ocean that forms a protective film around your skin, offering deep moisture for softer, smoother hands. 

With natural antioxidants and moisturizing oils, this Hand Cream helps to preserve the natural skin barrier, while protecting it from the visible effects of environmental skin damage. It also reduces bacterial contamination and is particularly suitable for itchy, flaky or cracked skin, or dry areas such as elbows and knees.

This nourishing Hand Cream:
• Works as a powerful moisturizer
• Protects the skin by forming a film
• Dries quickly with no greasy residue
• Acts as a perfect daily treatment for skin repair

Hand Cream
Hand Cream Sale price€28,00