ChitoCare Medical Wound Healing Gel for Old and New Scars

Every scar has a story. As hard as they can be to accept, every scar is a sign of resilience and survival.

Many of us have to live with scars from accidents or operations that have since been difficult or costly to remove.

A recent clinical study of ChitoCare medical Wound Healing Gel showed its ability to significantly reduce and heal new and old scars.

By applying to the scar two times a day for three months, success was achieved in reducing both the size and the volume of the scar. The result was a smaller surface area of the scar, less noticeable appearance and smoother skin.

The positive results were equal for both post-surgery scars and scars resulting from accidents or injuries, called trauma scars. Whether a scar is recent or older, this treatment can be recommended as it promotes the skin's natural repair process with proper histoarchitectural tissue organization, reducing scar visibility. With ChitoCare medical Wound Healing Gel, scar reduction and healing can be achieved at home, without the help of specialists.

It can be used as essential first aid and may be used on intact or breached skin and is suitable for use by the whole family, including children and the elderly. Always follow the instructions for use found inside the packaging.


More research is being conducted to further build upon these remarkable first results. ChitoCare Medical Wound Healing Gel is available here.