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Article: Serum Mask: A Rich Moisture Bomb Your Skin Will Love

Image of woman wearing the ChitoCare Beauty serum mask

Serum Mask: A Rich Moisture Bomb Your Skin Will Love

ChitoCare beauty Serum Mask is the perfect pampering product for both face and body.

This exceptional serum mask acts like a moisture bomb, providing the skin with much-needed hydration and a velvety soft feel. Moisture levels are important in maintaining healthy-looking skin and need to be adequately replenished, especially if skin is to remain radiant and smooth with time.

Increased moisture

This revolutionary mask is rich in serum and functions as both a face mask and a body serum. It contains a natural, bioactive marine chitosan formula that promotes the skin’s natural repair process, and hyaluronic acid, that helps lock in moisture, support collagen and elastin, and slow down skin aging.

Clinical studies have shown that using ChitoCare beauty Serum Mask increases skin moisture by 57% after the first 30 minutes, while skin moisture levels remain as high as 44%, even eight hours after use. Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, fine lines become less noticeable and your skin is left feeling supple, smooth and revitalized.

Eco-friendly beauty

Because beauty and health should not come at the cost of our planet, this serum mask is environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable and dissolves easily in warm water. We recommend using the mask on your face while relaxing in the bathtub. Then, allow it to dissolve in the hot water so that you can enjoy the full benefits of this enriching skincare treatment. The serum will form a luscious film that covers the whole body, increasing overall skin moisture and elasticity. Alternatively, it can be massaged onto the body until it has been fully absorbed. You skin will be left feeling rehydrated and noticeably soft.

ChitoCare beauty Serum Mask is a proud recipient of a Bronze prize for Best Mask at the Global Makeup Awards 2020. Just one more reason to try it out!

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