IWD: Celebrating Women in Science

In light of International Women’s Day, the team at Primex and ChitoCare would like to take this opportunity to thank, congratulate and celebrate women in science. As a women-led biotechnology company, we recognize that we benefit from their contributions today and every day. We realize that, without their intelligence and courage, the fields of STEM, life for women and life at large on this planet would be very different today.

Many of these women faced resistance, adversity and even public outcry for wanting to receive an education, for proposing their own ideas and for demanding respect, equality and equity among their male peers. Some of them received degrees, PhDs, awards and even Nobel Prizes. However, many faced doubt and disbelief, racial segregation, Nazi persecution, angry mobs and dismissal from educational institutions, simply for wanting to pursue their “un-ladylike” passions for science, medicine and technology.

So, please enjoy and be inspired by the amazing stories of 22 women who helped shape and change our understanding of the world around us. From the infinitely small, like discovering the structure of DNA and nuclear fission, to unearthing prehistoric dinosaur fossils and venturing into outer space, these mathematicians, chemists, astronomers, seismologists, primatologists, computer programmers, doctors and other scientists truly changed the course of humanity forever.


From our CEO Sigga and our CFO Guðrún Sif, our head of R&D Hélène, our Laboratory Researcher Katerina, Quality & Technical Manager Guðný, and from our team members in marketing, sales and accounting, Chris, Lydia, Herdís and Sigurbjörg, we thank all these remarkable women for their contributions to science and technology and for paving the way for us today.

Image: Primex Head of R&D, Dr. Hélène Liette Lauzon, and CEO Sigríður Vigfúsdóttir, photographed by Audunn Níelsson