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Article: The Wonderful Perks of Walnut Shell

The Wonderful Perks of Walnut Shell

The Wonderful Perks of Walnut Shell

The common walnut can be found on grocery store shelves around the world. We are well aware of the walnut’s high nutritional value. However, walnut shells are also exceptionally good for you – more specifically, for your skin. Read on to see how your skin can benefit from this small nut whose shells are an active ingredient in our ChitoCare beauty Body Scrub.

We have discussed the importance of moisturizing. But exfoliation is equally important, as it removes dead cells from the surface layer of the skin. Exfoliating both your body and face is a necessary step towards healthy skin, as it promotes cell rejuvenation. 

Why Walnut? 

Walnut shells are filled with nutrients and vitamins and can be used to treat issues such as acne, eczema and blisters. The shells, or hulls, can be soaked in boiling water, crushed to granules, ground to a fine powder, prepared as tea, or they can be liquidized – the possibilities seem endless. 

The shells are typically ground into tiny particles that are durable to grit and oil, making them perfect for exfoliating cleansers, scrubs and peeling lotions. As walnut shell derivatives are not soluble, they do not break down in the carrier cream or lotion. This allows them to effectively clear away flaky, dry or blemished skin, in turn promoting new cell growth. 

What’s more, modern technology has allowed for the production of consistently smooth and polished granules with an even shape and size. These prevent the skin from accidental micro-abrasions or scratches, that can be caused from applying too much pressure when exfoliating. When it comes to scrubs intended for facial use, the shells are carefully ground into a fine powder, to ensure the skin is exfoliated without being damaged. 

Is Walnut Shell Good For the Skin? 

Many natural skincare products use finely ground walnut shells as an exfoliating agent. As a natural, biodegradable ingredient, walnut shells are a great alternative to chemical peels, that can leave the skin feeling dry, sore or blemished. Walnut shell granules gently remove impurities, excess oils and dull surface cells from the skin without causing irritation and are suitable even for sensitive skin. 

Walnut shells have antibacterial qualities and are often used in herbal extracts and supplements. As they naturally protect from parasitic infections, they create a protective layer of defence for the skin. They also have antioxidant compounds, that further protect cells from damage and offer your skin a smoother, more refined texture.  

Another important side-effect of walnut shell exfoliation is that it perfectly prepares the skin for other skin care products. This means that the skin can better absorb the active ingredients and nutrients in products such as anti-aging serums, moisturizing creams or body lotions. 

How Can I Make the Most of Walnut Shell? 

Using ChitoCare beauty Body Scrub as part of your skin care routine will give you a healthy and radiant glow while reducing redness and itching. Containing chitosan, caffeine, walnut shell, and bamboo stem powder, it gently cleanses your skin while enhancing smoothness.  

After exfoliation, your skin will be perfectly prepped for the ChitoCare beauty Body Lotion, that is packed with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, including chitosan, coconut and sunflower seed oil. 

Lastly, check out our after-shower skin care routine to ensure clean and smooth skin every time. Click here to read more. 

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