Don’t Forget the Hand Cream! The Importance of Moisturizing

We live in an age of constant hand-washing. Sanitizing gels, disinfectant liquids and antibacterial soaps can leave our hands feeling dry and rough. To avoid cracked or flaky skin, it is important to remember to moisturize and nourish our hands in between all the disinfecting.

ChitoCare Beauty Hand Cream is a unique hand cream that contains the bioactive substance chitosan, a natural wonder of the ocean. It forms a protective film around your skin and acts as a powerful moisturizer. It also reduces bacterial contamination and is particularly suitable for itchy, flaky or cracked skin.

ChitoCare Beauty Hand Cream comes in two practical sizes. Our 50 ml package offers moisturization on the go and fits easily into any handbag, sports bag or briefcase. Our 75 ml package is ideal for home use after the shower, bath or house chores.