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Article: Boost Your Winter Skincare Routine

Boost Your Winter Skincare Routine

Boost Your Winter Skincare Routine

Every season presents a different set of challengers for skincare. Below are some tips for caring for your skin during wintertime.

Wintry weather often means we must pay a little extra attention to our skincare routine. Cold winds and low temperatures outside often alternate with warm and dry air and low humidity indoors. Such conditions can cause dryness, leading to itchy or flaky skin, tightness, soreness, sensitivity or irritation.

Depending on your skin type and your local climate, skin can lose hydration, produce less moisturizing sebum, or end up with a compromised protective barrier. Paying extra attention to how your skin reacts to winter weather conditions and adjusting your skincare routine accordingly will help you keep it protected and healthy. Let’s look at some tips to boost your winter skincare routine.

Switch to a richer moisturizer

Switching out your regular face cream with an oil-rich cream can help maintain moisture levels when your skin experiences dryness and tightness due to winter weather conditions. Opt for a face cream that contains natural moisturizing oils, as these will help to nourish the skin by replenishing moisture levels. ChitoCare beauty Face Cream contains natural oils from soybean, coconut and macadamia nuts, and soothing aloe vera. It nourishes the skin by increasing hydration and reduces irritation. Marine chitosan protects the skin by forming a defensive film, while it also supports the natural repair process of the skin.

Add Hyaluronic Acid to your skincare routine

Hyaluronic Acid is a major player in the skincare world, and for good reason. A face serum containing Hyaluronic Acid will help retain moisture, boost your skin’s natural repair process and help skin remain elastic, supple and firm. ChitoCare beauty Anti-Aging Repair Serum contains Hyaluronic Acid, prickly pear stem extract and marine chitosan. Together, these ingredients help boost moisture levels in the skin, offer an intensive shot of hydration, provide antioxidant protection and help reduce the signs of aging.

Reduce hot showers

Taking a hot shower when it’s cold outside might seem like a good idea, however hot water can wash away your skin’s natural oils, resulting in tight, itchy or flaky skin. To help keep skin from losing hydration, wash with lukewarm water, never hot water. After showering, pat yourself dry and apply body lotion to slightly damp skin. This will help lock in moisture and increase hydration. ChitoCare beauty Body Lotion contains hydrating coconut oil, soothing aloe vera leaf juice powder, protective Vitamin E, and moisturizing marine chitosan that covers the skin in a protective film.

Invest in a humidifier or go to the sauna

Artificial heat tends to make indoor air extremely dry. Alternating between dry indoor air and cold outdoor air can strip the skin of its natural oils and degrade the skin’s barrier function. This can lead to dry, flaky, cracked or rough skin. An indoor humidifier can increase air hydration, helping to ease skin dryness. Saunas also have proven health benefits. From boosting immunity and improving cardiovascular systems, to reducing acne through sweating out toxins, a trip to the sauna is an easy way to increase your overall health and well-being. Just make sure to enter the sauna with clean skin and without make-up to avoid clogging pores. Remain hydrated from within by drinking at least two litres of water a day.

Balance your skin pH

Our skin’s pH levels are constantly affected by both internal and external factors. Soap, diet, skincare products, air pollution, weather conditions; all these can slightly alter our skin pH, triggering inflammation, sensitivity, irritation, acne breakouts or dryness. To keep skin pH balanced, opt for skincare products that contain antioxidants and maintain a healthy skin pH. ChitoCare beauty Shower Gel contains a complex of active ingredients from Icelandic geothermal and marine waters that help maintain your skin’s natural moisture levels, while marine chitosan provides powerful skin repair.

Remember to exfoliate

It may seem counterintuitive to exfoliate during winter when skin can feel sensitive or dry. However, exfoliating once or twice a week is important for removing dull surface skin cells and excess oil sebum. Dead skin cells can block moisture from reaching healthy cells below, while excess sebum can lead to the formation of pimples and spots. ChitoCare beauty Body Scrub contains caffeine, a powerful antioxidant that stimulates cutaneous microcirculation, bamboo stem powder that provides a soothing effect, and walnut shell powder that gently clears away flaky and dry skin. Follow up exfoliating with a deeply moisturizing body lotion or face cream, for smooth and nourished skin.


ChitoCare beauty is the first skincare brand to incorporate marine chitosan into its products. Scientifically proven properties of chitosan include film-forming, moisture control and powerful skin repair.

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